Dr. Philip White – Secrets of Longevity

For close to 40 years, Cambridge and Harvard educated Dr. Philip White ran a large and busy medical practice.

He had pioneered innovative approaches to the medical field during that time and has co-authored three books, “Doctors’ Secrets – The Road to Longevity”, “Doctors’ Secrets – The Miracle of Antioxidants”. and “Doctors’ Secrets – What Men Want”.

Dr. White was the Vice-President of the Canadian Longevity and Anti Aging Academy, a member of the Canadian Andropause Society, the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, the President of his local Medical Society and on the Board of the BC Medical Association as well as being the Chair and Medical Director of the British Columbia Family Practice Oncology Network. Dr. White was also ‘Chief of Staff’ at the Kelowna General Hospital for 18 years.

Dr. White had lectured extensively in the US, Canada and abroad on a variety of topics related to Hospital and health care management. He has performed numerous operational reviews and studies for governments both nationally and internationally.

The Journey

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