All natural SomaPet helps your best friend in the first 24 to 72 hours. Promotes collagen for healthier coat and bones, strengthen immune system, repair and regenerate cells. Joint and muscle support and so much more! For the life of your pet!

SomaPet is a specific combination of amino acids formulated to optimize the health of your pet.

This specific combination, when taken orally, is designed to support the release of Growth Hormone from the pituitary which assists in cell repair and regeneration.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and constitute an essential part of an animal’s diet.

SomaPet’s amino acids provide your pet with vital supplementation. This ensures an appropriate balance of amino acids particularly beneficial for animals over 3 years old exhibiting signs of aging.

The ultimate dietary supplement, SomaPet consists of a synergistic combination of free form L-amino acids designed to assist:

  • Improved Immune function
  • Improved Nervous Function
  • Strengthened Collagen and Bone
  • Increased Healing
  • Promoted Cellular Energy
  • Minimized Exercise Damage

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