Good Water is Vital to Life

Water has hardly any restrictions on it by law.  Bottled water companies often claim their water is the safest cleanest and best for you.   However as long as there is no E-Coli or other bacteria  present in the water, each vendor decides what is quality water for you and your family.

Let’s Look at Spring Water

This water may contain a variety of particles that should not be there such as magnesium iron and calcium. These are known as inorganic minerals and are like tiny rocks invisible to the eye. Inorganic minerals are different from organic minerals found  n our food.

Organic minerals found in our food can be digested so we can reap the benefits in our system. But inorganic minerals clog up our kidneys and arteries. Usually what is written on the water bottle label will  be TDS-–total dissolved solids.  TDS is the accumulation amount of particles that are not part of the water’s natural composition. SPRING WATER ranges from 40 to 300 plus parts per million
of TDS  per gallon. Ideally water should have a TDS level of 5 or less.The lower the level the more effective water becomes to clean and replenish our body.

Reverse Osmosis: Not Good Enough

So if spring water cannot reach low levels, what about REVERSE OSMOSIS?
REVERSE OSMOSIS can reach low levels of TDS.

One key consideration with REVERSE OSMOSIS is is that its filtering process does not destroy or remove E-Coli or other bacteria.

The other thing is reverse osmosis works by a filter and when the filter is clogged/dirty the effectiveness of the system is degraded as is the quality of the water.

Distilled Water: The Best Option

The only way of getting bacteria free water every time is by the hydrolic process; NOT by a filter. This system (distillation) is the natural process of getting pure water. This is the way it would have been thousands of years ago—the sun (heating) would evaporate the water (vapor) from the lakes up in the clouds (condensing) and would release the waters when the time was right. Back then you could have put a bucket out and gather the rain and you would have had pure water. The problem is now pollution has contaminated our air soil and water.
 – Source Bon O Claire

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