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Which Maca is Best for You?

“This stuff sure does wonders for a slowed down libido!  It wakes places up you didn’t know you had.”  – Jean


Maca roots grow in 3 color ranges.  Off-white roots (Yellow Maca) account for about 60% of the annual Maca harvest.  Reddish colored roots (Red Maca) account for another 25% and gray colored roots (Black Maca) the final 15%.  Research has shown that each of these roots has unique properties and work better for certain purposes. Beyond root color, Maca powder is either Raw or Gelatinized (pre-cooked). There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Finally, Maca powder can be mixed into foods or taken in capsule form.

“A few weeks ago I purchased and started using Red Black Maca and it is helping me tremendously with depression, brain fog, and energy.  This Maca has a VERY pleasant taste vs. other brands.  After I will finish the Red one, I will try the Black one. Very pleased with this product!” – JP

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